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My Vanishing Act

Over the last six months, I've retreated from both this blog and my Twitter account. This was unintended, but probably unavoidable and I wanted to explain it briefly. In February, my mom was diagnosed with simple cell lung cancer. She was given 1-5 years and started chemo immediately. Despite promising early returns, the cancer spread to her throat, uterus, liver, spine, and, finally, brain. She passed away June 27th, less than 5 months after diagnosis. I saw her a month earlier when I visited for my niece's first birthday, and was with her for her final three days. Additionally, my dad had a stroke and my grandmother had to have emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery since my mom's diagnosis.

While entirely unintended, I have had a hard time finding any desire to share things since her diagnosis. It's been a rough year, to put it lightly. I have tried to write a few posts (a detailed log of what happened with my mom's death, an examination of the DC universe, and some programming-related posts), but none felt of a quality high enough to be worth posting.

I hope to be more active going forward, but that will depend on how I am dealing with the loss of my mom. To be perfectly honest, I'm taking it a lot harder than I though I would.